What is a Chatbots?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | marketing strategies

Chatbots! What is a Chatbot and how can it help my business? Chatbots are a new and exciting form of marketing. Also known as, conversational marketing using state of the art technology for the purpose of engaging and conversating with visitors on your website. Chatbots great every visitors, therefore, no vistor is ignored. Chatbots make your guest feel like they’re getting a personal guide. They say things like “how can i help you?” “Would you like one of our representatives to contact you” or “hey would you like a discount on your next purchases. They can be personalized to the specifications of the website owner and can serve more than one role. For example, they can help with leads or sales and even customer support.

What is a Chatbots

So what is a chatbot and what makes them so valuable? Well, when you invest in a chatbot its’ like hiring a new employee. However, this employee works 24/7, is never late, never has an attitude, and eliminates human error. They don’t write names or emails down incorrectly, they don’t snap at the customer or show any type of bias.

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How can I get the most marketing value out of my Chatbot?

Well, this depends on what you need the most or if you want to spend extra to have your chatbot designed to multitask. If you’re getting traffic to your website but it isn’t converting into sales. Have your chatbot built to engage with the customer, find out exactly what they’re looking for, and direct them to the best possible solution for their problem. If the customers aren’t quite looking to buy right that second, they can be used to gather information, for future follow up by email or phone. They can redirect visitors to additional information or offer to send them more information to their inbox.

Time Delay Chatbots

If your problem is more with closing deals maybe build a bot dedicated to the checkout area that will try to get the customer over the hump in the buying process. Whether they clear up some confusion about a product or offer a coupon or discount. Chatbots have been proven to increase ROI by as much as 800%

Use Your Chatbots for Customer Support

Another popular use of a chatbot is for customer support. If your business has customers that constantly call or visit your site with the same questions day after day. You can have your Chatbot built to find out which issue they’re having and where they need to go for the answers.

Restaurants, Hair Salons, and tons of other industries can use Chatbots for reservations and appointment bookings, schedule quotes or consultation, and more. Ecommerce sites use them to direct the customer to a particular department or product page. They come with features for geo-location and even Social share buttons.

Honestly, there’s no limit to what a chatbot is are can be. With 3rd party integrations, the possibilities are endless. “Mark Zuckerberg said chatbots would lead Facebook into the next 10 years”

I suspect many of the most valuable and rewarding uses of Chatbots haven’t even been thought of yet. In fact, in a few years, no one will be asking the question, what is a chatbot because will be interacting with them in one way another almost every day. BOOK A FREE QUOTE OR BUY A CHATBOT

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